One with a cigarette One with a cigarette
hanging out hanging out
The other his shirt-tail's The other his shirt-tail's
flapping around flapping around
Drinking all day Two drunks dancing
& drunk all night what a wild sight
Just met each other Forgetting the world
breaking up a fight they dance through the night

One with a black eye
& a bloody nose
The other with a fat lip SOLO
is dancing on his toes
Put a quarter in the jukebox
make a trip to the head
Sing out country western
or the Grateful Dead

Ready, set, go
1, 2, 3
Come on my brother
it's just you & me
Ready, set, go
Can't you see?
Come on my partner
Come dance with me

We're two drunks dancing
holding each other
'til the day we die
Two drunks dancing
out of our minds
holding each other
'til the day we die

They been up & down this dirty old town
Whiskey & Guinness they suck 'em down
& now best of friends they couldn't care less
Hugging each other ignoring the waitress

Could be young but they're probably old
Stories like lines on their faces grow
One with a family he left behind
The other for robbery did some time



from HALF IN THE BAG, track released April 18, 1987
Half In The Bag (No Deal Whatsoever Records) 1993. Produced, engineered, arranged by Chet Cahill in his house in Malden. All these are Berlin's save Everytime I Fall by Michael Holland (one of my favorite all time songs). Who did this? Billie Best (spoken girl in Can't Get It Up), Randy Roos (4 guitars in Man In Flames - true story of a homeless man in Kenmore who burned alive in the basement of Eddy de Syon's apartment building), Chris Mehl (guitars, vocals), Joan Wasser (violin), Jane Balmond (piano on Everytime I Fall), David Barrett (sax on the song Blood of A Poet - about his brother Peter), Eddy de Syon (organ on Blood), Julie Woods (vocals), Nancy Adams (vocals), Brian Olson (vocals), Chet Cahill (everything else).


all rights reserved



Rick Berlin (now playing w/ THE NICKEL & DIME BAND) Jamaica Plain

A giant on the Boston music scene. His colorful songwriting + strong stage presence have influenced countless other artists since the early 1970s. He continues to make music w/ intelligence + integrity, building an international reputation around his knotty, singular piano playing, straight-from-the-heart singing and a style of character-based songwriting that's drawn comparisons to Waits + Cohen ... more

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